Based on the robust and precise mechanics of ABSEN‘s AXpro series, JUPITER off ers a high basic
brightness of 1,000 nit. Thanks to Dynamic Calibration, a feature of the Brompton Tessera software,
this can be additionally extended up to 1,200 nit. In addition to Dynamic Calibration, Brompton
Tessera off ers many other features that make confi guration effi cient and the image impression unique.
In combination with IMD technology, which increases the robustness of the LEDs by up to 4 times,
JUPITER is the optimal product for high-quality and high-resolution rental applications.


  • High brightness
  • Brilliant image impression
  • Robust in handling
  • Intuitive processing
Model designation JUPITER
Pixel pitch 1.58 mm
Brightness 1,000 nit
Peak brightness 1,200 nit
Application area Indoor
Pixel density 384 x 216 px/cabinet; 82,944 px/m²
LED-type IMD (Integrated Matrix Device);
CCT (Common Cathode Technology)
Lifespan LED 100,000 hours
Viewing angle 160° horizontal; 160° vertical
Processing Brompton Tessera
Power consumption Maximum: 188 W/cabinet; 899 W/m²
Average: 62 W/cabinet; 300 W/m²
Input voltage 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Ambient temperature -10 to 45 °C
Operating humidity 10 to 90 %
Cabinet dimensions 610 x 343 x 80 mm (W x H x D); (=0.21 m²; 27.6“)
Aspect ratio 16:9
Weight 9.2 kg/cabinet; 43.98 kg/m²
Max. height (hanging/stacking) 18 cabinets / 18 cabinets
Maintenance Front/Rear service
Faceted installation -5° to 0°, in variable steps
Protection (Front/Back) IP40/IP21
Certification CE, RoHS, EMC class A, FCC, TÜV


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