Mechanical Solutions made by LANG

LANG Projector Frames

The custom made frames offer highest safety at utmost flexibility for several projectors, for example a 3-axes adjustment or a tool-free screw connection with further frames. Best manufacturing quality provides comfortable and ergonomic setup options by means of smooth-running adjustment screws and power gentle adjustment-ratchets like the ones on the 21K-frame. All LANG projector frames are multifunctional, robust and BGV C1 certified.

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LANG Shortys

Truss mounts from the Shorty series offer a professional mounting for projectors. Depending on the model the supported load is 60 respectively 150 kg. Shorty truss mounts provide a rough and fine adjustment for a quick installation. They are compatible with all LANG frames. As a matter of course, the truss mount is BGV C1 certified with a TÜV approved C-bracket.

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LANG TrussMountPN-R903

TrussMountPN-R903 is a practice-oriented and optimised mount for the Sharp PN-R903 display. With this mount, three different tilt angles are possible. The display is mounted safe and stable. This TrussMountPN-R903 is also certified.


LANG Table Stand 

When developing this table stand, the focus was laid on design, easy functionality and high stability. Most slim-line displays from 32” to 40” with usual 3-Pin Audipack adapter plate can be mounted on this table base.

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