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It all began with radarTOUCH. The first multi touch product by LANG transforms oversized areas into multi touch areas. A width of up to 50 m is possible - without a problem. The type of area, wether a videowall, a projection, a LED wall or empty space, is of no concern. This idea was well received internationally and is still being used for numerous projects. 

radarTOUCH products



Encouraged by the success, we continued developing. Soon after, the primeTOUCH was added to the product line. When infrared diodes and photo cells line a display something magnificent is created: an interactive display capable of multi touch. Overlay or integrated, transparent or curved - the possible applications up to 500'' are very versatile, even in UHD. As a well established brand, you can often find primeTOUCH in project installations around the world.

primeTOUCH products



We strive for the same with fluxTOUCH. Also for displays, but based on a different technology, the youngest multi touch product excite users immediately. A particular highlight is the lean and modern design due to the plane touch area. The touch technology does not line the display but lies on top of it in the shape of a foil, protected by glass. For an even better visual experience the fine wires in the foil are hardly visible anymore due to an upgrade of the foil for the fluxTOUCH ultra series.

fluxTOUCH products



The onyxTOUCH introduces a fully new multitouch generation. It comes with a modern, very slim design, without the need for a frame to integrate an infrared emitter or capacitive sensor wires. The display has a flat, high grade glass surface in order to deliver the best image presentation. The system, based on an optical touch function, is stable and accurate even in high ambient light.

onyxTOUCH products


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The development continues. One can only wonder what the future brings. When the next big thing is ready, you will learn about it here first.