Electronic Solutions made by LANG


The Fibercheck-880 was developed for an easy and fast fibre cable interval-test. Expert knowledge in optical-fibre metrology is not needed. A quick and uncomplicated application is one the advantages of this test unit. Another one is its 19”-housing with only one rack unit (RU) height. Neutrik opticalCON QUAD and opticalCON DUO chassis connectors for direct testing of the renown opticalCON cables are integrated without further adaption. Additionally, SC- and ST duplex chassis connectors for of breakout- and patch cable testing are available.

product details Fibercheck


RPC-902 (RPC-200)

The RPC-902 was especially designed for the Barco PDS-902 seamless-switcher. This remote control panel allows an offset operation from the control desk and offers a flexible and effective handling of the Barco PDS-902 itself. Particularly, features like PiP- and matrix-mode can be controlled very easily and intuitively. The seamless switcher can be connected via serial or Ethernet port. The pared-down RPC-200 offers an alternative remote control panel without PiP- and matrix-mode, also for the DCS series.

product details RPC-902

product details RPC-200



The RPC-E2 is the first console terminal concerted to the Barco E2 seamless switcher. It allows offset operation from the control desk. Illuminated keys with an explicit actuation point demonstrate the professional design of this control unit. The menu navigation is display-supported and allows intuitive handling. The recall and run of stored presets can be processed comfortably via the RPC-E2.

product details RPC-E2


Tally Adapter & Intercom/Tally Breakout-Box

The Tally adapters are specifically constructed for numerous video switchers. The Intercom/Tally Breakout boxes for camera systems are adapted to a practical and uniform pin assignment. All of the available functions are arranged in a clear output panel.



The IAM-44 (4 Wire-Intercom 4x4 audio-matrix) is an easy to use plug & play audio-matrix to link 4-wire Intercom equipment. The 24-bit audio converters with 48kHz sampling ensure high quality audio. A single IAM-44 supports up to four devices. Two cascaded IAM-44 can link up to six devices.



The KAM-GPI-RPC offers a comfortable usage of the preview function for up to seven studio cameras by controlling the corresponding source input of a video matrix analogue to the pressed preview button of the camera remote unit. Therefore, it is intuitively operable and provided for measuring instruments like waveform monitors or vectorscope. It represents the tie between preview switching output of the camera control unit (GPI port) and a video matrix (RS-232 port).

product details KAM-GPI-RPC



This SDI to glass fibre transceiver set consists of two identical units in a stable aluminum housing including integrated power supply. It uses the approved Neutrik opticalCON DUO glass fibre connection as well as the powerCON TRUE1- mains supply. Being a transceiver, it eliminates the danger of confusion between the transmitter and the receiver. The “SDI to glass fibre receiver” supports SD, HD and 3G SDI video signals. Thereby, each signal direction works completely independent from the others.


EC-50 Slot-In PC

The Slot-In PC EC-50 is tailor-made for the Barco EC-50. It is easily and quickly deployable thanks to the slot on the back of the EC-50 device. The SlotIn PC enables the user to work self-sufficiently with the EC-50. This performance allows the Barco Event Toolset to run trouble-free.