LUMUX GUARDIAN is a digital software solution that combines the use of rapid antigen testing with
the management of visitor and test data. Taking into account the current data protection regulation,
LUMUX GUARDIAN is thus used for fast, secure registration and admission control to events.
Coupled with the appropriate media technology for visualization, LUMUX GUARDIAN can be adapted
to any location. The rapid test lanes can be easily adapted to the existing premises and the number of
people to be tested.

Capacity Pro Stunde können etwa 30 Personen/Teststrecke
getestet werden
Type of test Antigen-Schnelltest laut BfArM
Duration of the test Ca. 2 Minuten
Duration of evaluation Ca. 15 Minuten
Test execution Ausschließlich durch speziell geschultes Personal
Recommended hardware
for visualisation
Samsung QM Serie,
andere Displays ebenfalls möglich.
Contact person for
other hygiene products
Marvin Reichenbach
+49 2266 4764 238


Visitors register online for an event and then receive their personal user ID and a personal barcode.
The barcode is used to encrypt personal data within current data protection regulations and links it to
the rapid test data. In the LUMUX GUARDIAN app (available for both iOS and Android), users find their
personal event overview and can conveniently retrieve their barcode and latest test result at any time.
During the event, visitors scan themselves into the system at the reception desk and thus enter the
waiting area before testing. Optionally, the visitors can also be recorded and counted by an INTENTA
camera in this step, which regulates the number of people allowed within this waiting area.
A display in the waiting area shows the scanned user IDs in chronological order. The visitors are thus
invited one after the other to the test booth in which the rapid antigen test is made. The test data is
linked by scan to the personal barcode and the event ID of the test person.
The visitors then go to the next waiting area where, after an evaluation time of approx. 15 minutes,
their test result is shown on two displays – the green display shows the negatively tested user IDs, the
red display shows the positive or unclearly tested user IDs. The use of these displays is optional, as
the personal test result is displayed simultaneously in the log-in area of the LUMUX GUARDIAN app.
Visitors with negative results may now enter the event area, as there is no risk of infection. Another
scan serves as an entry control, with which the organizer can ensure that only visitors with negative
test results enter the premises. Visitors with a positive result must report to the information desk and
leave the area. Visitors with unclear results will be tested again.



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