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Barco NX-6

The NX-6 is one of the most popular LED products from Barco. Its reliability, easy handling and above all the high-contrast and vivid pictures due to phenomenal black levels explain its popularity. Total freedom in standard or creative set-ups, straight, convex or concave, in 2D or 3D emphasises this once more. Recently, our entire NX-6 stock was re-calibrated so that it comes in virgin quality again.

General specifications

Indoor/outdoor indoor
Brightness 2000 nit
3D-ability yes


Pixel pitch 6,22 mm
Pixel densitiy per m² 25829 Pixel
Pixel per "tile"; height 81 Pixel
Pixel per "tile"; width 72 Pixel

Viewing angle

Viewing angle +-value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle +-value; vertical 60 °
Viewing angle --value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle --value; vertical 60 °


max. installation height foot build-up (m) 6,05 m
max. installation height truss build-up (m) 7,56 m

Power consumption

max. power consumption per m² 1484 W
max. power consumption per "tile" 335 W
Average power consumption per m² 691 W
Average power consumption per "tile" 156 W


Dimension "module"; width 149 mm
Dimension "module"; height 168 mm
dimension "module"; depth 49 mm
dimension "tile"; width 448 mm
dimension "tile"; height 504 mm
Dimension "tile"; depth 210 mm
Weight per m² 57,00 kg
Weight per "tile" 12,90 kg
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