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Barco NX-4

Due to the carbon fiber construction of its rental frame Barco NX4 is a very light unit weighing only 13.3 kg / tile. Since no special tools are necessary, the set up and tear down can be carried out quite time effectively, even for creative designs. The black LED technology captivates an extreme contrast and the pixel pitch of 4,6 mm makes it adequate for most indoor applications. The absolute special feature of this LED product is its 3D ability. This active solution allows changing between 2D and 3D during operation.

General specifications

Indoor/outdoor indoor
Brightness 2000 nit
3D-ability yes


Pixel pitch 4,66 mm
Pixel densitiy per m² 45931 Pixel
Pixel per "tile"; height 108 Pixel
Pixel per "tile"; width 96 Pixel

Viewing angle

Viewing angle +-value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle +-value; vertical 48 °
Viewing angle --value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle --value; vertical 55 °


max. installation height foot build-up (m) 6,05 m
max. installation height truss build-up (m) 7,56 m

Power consumption

max. power consumption per m² 1329 W
max. power consumption per "tile" 300 W
Average power consumption per m² 585 W
Average power consumption per "tile" 132 W


Dimension "module"; width 149 mm
Dimension "module"; height 168 mm
dimension "module"; depth 49 mm
dimension "tile"; width 448 mm
dimension "tile"; height 504 mm
Dimension "tile"; depth 210 mm
Weight per m² 57,00 kg
Weight per "tile" 12,90 kg
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