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Barco C5

With the C5 indoor LED modules Barco has managed balancing act between practicality and price claim. The weight of one module including cabling is only 6,4kg. These lightweights are very fast built, also articulated: both convex and concave. With a pixel pitch of 5.55 mm C5 modules convince in terms of resolution. The modules work fanless and the low electricity consumption is the "icing on the cake."

General specifications

Indoor/outdoor indoor
Brightness 2000 nit


Pixel pitch 5,56 mm
Pixel per "tile"; height 72 Pixel
Pixel per "tile"; width 72 Pixel

Viewing angle

Viewing angle +-value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle +-value; vertical 60 °
Viewing angle --value; horizontal 60 °
Viewing angle --value; vertical 60 °


max. installation height foot build-up (m) 4,80 m
max. installation height truss build-up (m) 10,00 m

Power consumption

max. power consumption per m² 660 W
Average power consumption per m² 220 W


dimension "tile"; width 400 mm
dimension "tile"; height 400 mm
Dimension "tile"; depth 70 mm
Weight per m² 40,00 kg
Weight per "tile" 6,40 kg
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