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Absen Polaris 3.9 Pro

The Absen Polaris 3.9 Pro High Brightness Black (HBB) technology doesn‘t compromise on brightness, contrast or stability. With its 1921 HBB SMD with brightness up to 5,000 nit and contrast ratio of 8,000:1, the high resolution LED product fits for indoor and outdoor applications. Die-casting AL cabinet with heat plate designed for IC driver layout guarantee extraordinary heat dissipation, colour consistency and uniformity. In addition to that, the Memory on Module ensures that the calibration data is stored in both module/hub and receiving card and that there is no need of re-calibration after replacement. Thanks to the light weight and vertical auto-locking system with magnetic auto-connection a fast and easy 1-man-installation is possible.

General specifications

Indoor/outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Brightness 5000 nit


Pixel densitiy per m² 65536 Pixel
Pixel per "cabinet"; width 128 Pixel
Pixel per "cabinet"; height 128 Pixel

Viewing angle

Viewing angle +-value; horizontal 70,00 °
Viewing angle +-value; vertical 60,00 °
Viewing angle --value; horizontal 70,00 °
Viewing angle --value; vertical 60,00 °


Power consumption

max. power consumption per m² 880 W
Average power consumption per m² 300 W
Average power consumption per "cabinet" 75 W


Dimension "cabinet"; width 500,00 mm
Dimension "cabinet"; height 500,00 mm
Dimension "cabinet"; depth 87,00 mm
Weight per m² 41,20 kg
Weight per "cabinet" 10,30 kg
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