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Barco DX-700 Base Unit with NNI Output

Barco's controller DX-700-NNI can be used for the LED tiles NX-4,-NX 6, FLX-24 and C5. It has a higher output resolution than the controller D320L, D320PL and LED PRO controller. By extending output cards (NNI and DVI), the number of different led walls within the maximum controller resolution can be increased. The controller supports 3D capability with the help of 3D dongles in the LED tiles.

General specifications

3D-ability yes
Stackable with additional main unit yes

Inputs and Outputs

Number of DVI inputs 1
Supported DVI standards DVI-I
single link DVI up to 165 MHZ
Dual Link
Number of SDI inputs 2
Supported SDI standards SMPTE 259M / SD-SDI / 480i, 576i
SMPTE 292M / HD-SDI / 720p, 1080i
SMPTE 372M / dual HD-SDI / 1080p
Number of analog inputs 2
Analog connector type BNC - YUV (Component Video)
BNC - FBAS (Composite Video)
HD15 - VGA
Supported analogue standards YUV component
data signal
composite video
max. number of DVI inputs 6
max. number of SDI inputs 12
max. number of HDSDI inputs 12
max. number of Dual-DVI inputs 6
max.number of Dual-HDSDI inputs 6
max. number of HD-15 inputs 6
max. number of component inputs 6
max. number of composite inputs 6
Number of LED NNI outputs 3
max. number of DVI outputs 6
max. output resolution; width 2048 Pixel
max. output resolution; height 2048 Pixel
Scalable output signal yes
max. cable length between controller and LED wall 5 m


Accessory for Barco FLX-24
Barco ILite 6 XP
Barco C5
Barco OLite 510
Barco NX-6
Barco MiTRIX 424
Barco NX-4
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