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Apple Mac Pro 3,2 GHz 16-Core

Engineered around workstation graphics with newest GPU, flash storage, high-performance Thunderbolt 3, new-generation Xeon processors, fast memory, and support for 6K video, the new 16-Core Mac Pro delivers stable performance across the board. Furthermore the system is expandable via PCI Express expansion slots.

General specifications

processor type 16-Core Xeon W (W-3245)
Number of processor/CPU cores 16
CPU performance index 30473
Processor / CPU frequency 3,20 GHz
Memory 96 GB
Hard disk 4 TB
SSD installed yes
Graphic card AMD Radeon Pro Vega II
Operating system Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina


Thunderbolt yes
Number of Mini DisplayPort outputs 0
Count of Thunderbolt 3 interfaces 8
Number of HDMI outputs 1
Ethernet 2x 10Gb Ethernet
USB 3.0 yes
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