• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1328 - IP Zubehör
  • 1329 - IP-U matrix / router DVI
  • 1324 - IP Kreuzschienen
  • 1332 - IP-U matrix / router HDMI

Lightware MX-RCP 32

Lightware MX-RCP32 is a remote control panel for controlling Lightware matrix routers remotely through LAN connection. The RCP can be used just like the front panel buttons on matrix routers to make crosspoint changes, or they can be programmed for special functions like salvo mode or universal device control. The salvo mode allows storing a group of commands for each button. This function makes possible to send out multiple commands with a single press of a button. The universal device control mode transforms the RCP to a simple button array to control any device through a simple protocol. The control panel has illuminated front panel buttons and an Ethernet LAN port for configuration and connecting to the controlled device.


Operating interface seperate software
front panel
Remote interface RJ45 / LAN
Remotable devices Lightware router


Power consumption 2,00 W
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