• 1324 - IP Kreuzschienen
  • 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1330 - IP-U matrix / router SDI

Black Magic Design Smart Videohub 12x12 6G SDI Crosspoint with "clean switch"

The BMD-12x12HD-6G matrix is a hybrid crossbar for ultra HD with an integrated rotary control, keyboard and a LCD screen, whereby visual routing becomes possible. By progressive 6G-SDI connections one can simultaneously and arbitrarily connect and route SD-, HD and ultra HD video sources to the same crossbar. Also an Ethernet interface for remote control and a fully adaptable software development kit for Mac and Windows is included. If you cannot guarantee perfectly timed source signals but you still need to clean switch then Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12 is the special model of Videohub that features resynchronization on all inputs so you get perfect clean feeds every time! Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12 has all of the same great features of Smart Videohub 12x12 plus includes full resynchronization on every input so the router automatically re times all inputs to ensure clean, glitch free switching between router cross points.
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