• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1330 - IP-U matrix / router SDI
  • 1328 - IP Zubehör
  • 1324 - IP Kreuzschienen


GPI control for the matrix switching via Camera RCP / ROP Preview-switch-output with the dazzle-lever. The control requests the switching-outputs at the EXT I/O Port (pin1 + 2) of the Sony RPC or Panasonic PV Port of ROP and switches the video output 8 of a Lightware, Barco (Typ I or II) or Extron SDI Matrix with the respective video input per RS232.

General specifications

Number of avaible presets / memorys 7


Operating interface via external device
Remote interface d - sub serial 232
Remotable by device Sony RCP-750
Remotable devices Barco router
with extron protocoll
Lightware router


Power consumption 10,00 W
Power supply 100V support yes
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