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Lightware MX33x33 DVI HDCP Pro Matrix switcher

33x33 Digital Crosspoint router frame with redundant power supplies, built-in control panel and CPU2 processor board. Features: Frame Detector for Input signal analysis on any port Genlock switching (bi-level, tri-level, TTL and any Input) Multiple TCP/IP connection Advanced error handling and logging with time code TCP/IP Ethernet (multiple connections) Built-in website (multiple access) Advanced EDID Management HDCP compliant and HDCP Key Counter Redundant power supplies RS-232 Vista Spyder and Barco Encore compatible

Inputs and Outputs

Number of DVI inputs 33
Number of DVI output 33
Audio input DVI embedded
Audio output DVI embedded

General specifications

Number of avaible presets / memorys 32
EDID management yes
HDCP support yes
Equalising yes
Supported DVI standards single link DVI up to 165 MHZ
DVI 1.0
Supported HDMI standards HDMI 1.3
Supported audio standards and features embedded audio
Options CPU 2 board


Operating interface web GUI
front panel
via external device
seperate software
Remote interface d - sub serial 232
RJ45 / LAN
Remotable by device Barco Encore Large Controller
Barco Screen Pro 2 Controller
with extron protocol
Barco Encore Small Controller


Power consumption 318,00 W
power in CEE 7/4 to IEC C13
Power supply 100V support yes
Redundant power supply yes
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