• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1363 - IP Signal Management
  • 1340 - IP-U SigM Audio

LYNX PDM 1284B 3G SD/HD Muxer/Demuxer for 4 digital audio channels

The PDM 1284 D is a versatile AES audio embedder and de-embedder designed for a wide range of SDI video formats up to 3Gbit. It supports balanced AES3 audio I/O. Audio groups are selected using the rotary switches, and its possible to embed and de-embed additional audio groups by cascading modules together. The module automatically detects audio formats and will deactivate the sample rate converters to preserve encoded bit streams such as DolbyE. The “auto black” mode allows the module to embed audio even when no video source is available. A 1 kHz test tone generator is included for audio testing purposes.
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