• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1358 - IP-U Mischer seamless/compositing devices
  • 1313 - IP Mischer

Barco PDS-4K SDI

The PDS-4K SDI allows you to switch between single screen and dual screen with high quality 4K processing and with an optional interface card it can also support Dante® audio. It has eight 4K inputs and two 4K outputs. The unit processes with ultra-low latency (= 2 frames delay @60Hz), smooth video display and seamless transitions between inputs. Interactivity is increased by viewing up to two live inputs simultaneously with the available PiP layers. Event Master AthenaTM scaling technology ensures signal clarity and minimal scaling artifacts. The PDS-4K SDI is compatible with all known Barco visualization solutions and presentation devices (e.g. ClickShare) without any loss of video quality. The PDS-4K SDI can be controlled with the Event Master Toolset and thanks to the API it can also be operated with Barco Overture or other third party control panels. The PDS-4K SDI is ideal for medium-sized live events, seminar rooms and boardrooms.
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