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LANG Slot-In-Pc Generation 2 for EC-50

The EC-50 SlotIn PC gen 2 is a SOLUTIONS4AV product that builds on the success of the first generation EC-50 SlotIn PC´s, which were specially developed for the Barco EC-50 Event Controller. The gen2 hardware has been improved to match the increased performance demands of the latest Barco Event Toolset software. The EC-52 SlotIn PC gen2 now complies with the latest standards ensuring that use in the EC-50 Event Controller is fully guaranteed. Additionally the SlotIn PC gen2 has 2 HDMI outputs, Windows 10 and a more powerful processor than its predecessor.

Inputs and Outputs

General specifications

Number of USB slots 2
processor type i7-8650U
Memory 4 GB
Hard disk 128 GB M.2
SSD installed yes
Graphic card Intel HD 6000
Operating system Windows 10


Operating interface seperate software
via external device
Remote interface RJ45 / LAN
Remotable devices Barco Event Master Systems (E2/S3)


Power consumption 65,00 W


Width 20,00 cm
Depth 19,00 cm
Height 3,90 cm
Weight 1,00 kg
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