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  • 1313 - IP Mischer
  • 1361 - IP-U Mischer seamless/compositing controllers

Barco EC-50

The Event Master EC-50 event controller delivers instant access and great situational awareness for everything from trade show booths to large corporate events and even music tours. Its small footprint makes it suitable for most control environments, while simultaneously packing all the power and durability needed for instant access to crucial functions. As an extension of the Event Master toolset, the EC-50 brings sources, presets, layers, and destination selection at your fingertips, along with a touch-enabled display.

General specifications

Number of programmable input buttons 36
Options LANG Slot-In-PC


Remote interface USB
Remotable by device LANG Slot-In-PC


Power consumption 414,00 W
power in CEE 7/4 to IEC C13
Power supply 100V support yes
Redundant power supply no


Width 24,50 cm
Depth 61,00 cm
Height 51,20 cm
Weight 12,40 kg
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