• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1313 - IP Mischer
  • 1361 - IP-U Mischer seamless/compositing controllers

Analog Way Shot Box - SB80-2

The Analog Way Shot Box SB80-2 has noticeable improvements over the Shot Box SB80. One difference that you will experience immediately is an improved key design. Users of LiveCore™ and Midra™ seamless switchers and mixers are offered an intuitive solution for preset controls. Depending on the series, 64-140 keys are available for activating masters and screen presets on LiveCore™ devices. In addition to four keys for customisable preview monitoring, the SB80-2 also offers the “Take” function and a key for easy switching between pages 1 and 2. For visual clarity, the selected active page is indicated by a red or blue background LED illumination. When working with presets and memory settings, the Shot Box SB80-2 is a cost effective alternative to controlling the LiveCore™ and Midra™ series.

General specifications

Number of supported devices 1
Number of programmable input buttons 76
Number of avaible presets / memorys 140


Remote interface USB


Width 18,40 cm
Depth 21,00 cm
Height 2,40 cm
Weight 0,75 kg
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