• 1313 - IP Mischer
  • 1361 - IP-U Mischer seamless/compositing controllers
  • 1410 - Image Processing

Analog Way RC400T Event Controller

The RC400T event controller is designed to increase operating efficiency and provide instant access to key functionalities of the LivePremier™ image processor such as screens, layers, sources and memories. The RC400T features 56 programmable buttons, a high-resolution T-bar and a three-axis joystick for fast PIP sizing and programming. This makes the event controller a solution for control areas from large live events to multi-purpose event halls.

General specifications

Number of programmable input buttons 56


Remote interface RJ45 / LAN
Remotable devices Analog Way Aquilon


Power consumption 25,00 W
power in CEE 7/4 to IEC C13
Power supply 100V support yes


Width 57,00 cm
Depth 38,20 cm
Height 12,25 cm
Weight 8,00 kg
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