Media server

  • 1435 - IP Medienserver
  • 1436 - IP-U Medienserver Server
  • 1410 - Image Processing

Wings Engine Raw - Quad Stream

Wings Engine Raw from AV-Stumpfl takes no prisoners by feeding of high definition LED walls as soon as wide range projections and similar applications. The system promises flawless playback quality and is able to offer detailed representation of brightness differences because of HDR support. The powerful server hardware supplies data for up to four uncompressed TIFF image sequences in 4K with 60 pictures per second. A data capacity of 7.68 TB and 8 GB/s data throughput also offers sufficient storage for content.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of DVI output 1
Number of DisplayPort outputs 4

General specifications

Hard disk Quad RAID-10, 7.68 TB
Frame synchronized playback yes
EDID management yes
Supported DisplayPort standards DP 1.2
DP++ (downcompatible with HDMI/DVI)


Power consumption 1.000,00 W
power in CEE 7/4 to IEC C13
Redundant power supply yes


Ethernet 2x 1Gbit, 2x 10Gbit
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