• 1410 - Image Processing
  • 1328 - IP Zubehör
  • 1330 - IP-U matrix / router SDI

Blackmagicdesign Videohub Master Control front panel

The Videohub Master Control by Blackmagicdesign is an Ethernet control panel with a scroll wheel for computer free switching. It provides complete control of the entire matrix throughout the studio and is easily controllable over an Ethernet network. Each crosspoint of the crossbar can be adjusted individually. In addition to the scroll wheel, the front panel is equipped with 30 backlit programmable buttons and a LCD to display source and destination identifiers. This gives the user the possibility to check and route the crosspoints remotely. In addition to these practical features, the Videohub Master Control can control all sources and destinations for any size Videohub router.


Remote interface RJ45 / LAN


Width 48,20 cm
Depth 4,00 cm
Height 4,40 cm
Weight 0,83 kg
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