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Lightware DVI-TP-TX200 & DVI-TP-RX100

Lightware TP series transceivers are DVI over twisted pair extenders which transmit Single-Link DVI-D signals over a single Cat5e CAT6 or CAT7 cable. Accessible distances depend on the used cable quality and signal resolution. The DVI-TP-TX200 transmitter includes an EDID Manager and built-in DVI distribution amplifier for local monitor output. Only one CATx cable is needed for DVI signal transmission, there is no need for second CAT cable. DVI-TP-RX100 is a high performance twisted pair receiver with Automatic and precise Manual cable EQ adjustment. It incorporates a unique TMDS reclocker function, that eliminates pixel errors and niose of the video signal. The units are compatible with MX-DVI-TP-IB and MX-DVI-TP-OB boards which fit in Lightware matrix router frames.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of DVI inputs 1
Number of DVI output 1

General specifications

HDCP support no
Supported DVI standards single link DVI up to 165 MHZ
DVI 1.0
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