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Quasar 21" camera teleprompter

This lightweight teleprompter comes with high brightness LED backlight making it suitable for outside use in sunlit areas. Via dimming brighness can be adjusted to studio environments. Due to its quick release clamp system, the automatic PAL/NTSC composite video signal detection and the auto-terminating BNC loop-through the Quasar teleprompter is perfectly suitable for your presenting needs. The reflector hood simply drops into 2 holes in the top of the displays. A cloth gaiter is then drawn around the camera lens to block out any light that may come from behind the lens into the hood. The 21'' hood is made from cloth to reduce weight and making storage and transporting easier as it packs flat in a case with handles. The reflector is integrated in the 21'' hood.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of analog inputs 1
Number of analog loop 1
Analog connector type BNC - FBAS (Composite Video)
Number of SDI inputs 1
Number of SDI loop 1

General specifications

Supported SDI standards SMPTE 259M / SD-SDI / 480i, 576i
SMPTE 292M / HD-SDI / 720p, 1080i
Parts package yes


        21" Portaprompt display HDSDI
        Prompter mirror with safety cover
        1 x adapterplate (coloured) incl.    
2 knurled-head screw 3/8" x 1,5cm
2 knurled-head screw 1/4" x 1,3cm
4 knurled-head screw 3/8" x 2,3cm
2 knurled-head screw M5 x 1,5cm
        Display mount incl. 2 thumbscrews black
        1 x counterweight
        1 x powersupply 12V 5A with XLR 4 pin + power cable
        2 x BNC cable - 1x 1,5m + 1x 20m
        1 x Portaprompt photo sensor
        1 x manual
        1 x Allen key 4mm
        2 x telescope bars

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