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Sachlter Vario Pedestal 2-75 with Sachtler head Video 75 Plus Studio

The Sachlter Vario Pedestal 2-75 is the strongest in his class, fast vertical panning is also child’s play with the Vario Peds’ friction damping systems. In addition, the crab-and-steer function enables simple maneuvering with defined rolling turns. In order to enable balancing during the shoot – for example in case of sudden temperature change – the steering wheel has easily accessible slots for the balance weights that are a standard accessory. Narrow clearance is not a problem, as the dolly arm positions are easy to adjust. And, of course, the power cable features extra padding to protect it from being crushed. Exceptional Safety Vario Peds operate with air-filled columns, making them far safer than gas-filled pedestals. In addition, a pressure relief valve prevents damage caused by overpumping. Advantages of the Vario Pedestal: - safe air changing with pump or compressor - pressure relief valve prevents damage to the column - low operating costs due to air charging - Crab & Steer function for easy maneuverability and definded cornering Next to the Pedestal the package also includes the Sachtler Video 75 Plus Studio head: Top class for every payload New fluid head Video 75 Plus boasts a outstanding payload range of 12 to 75 kg / 26 to 165 lb. Suitable for a variety of camera configurations and flexible applications in both EFP and studio operation, this all-round talent offers users a broad palette of solutions. • Large Payload range from 12 to 75 kg • Proven Sachtler fluid damping • Easily accessible brakes • Fast changeover from EFP to Studio • Robust design • Lightweight

General specifications

Supported weight of tripod/head 75,00 kg
Pneumatic yes
Dolly Sachtler Pedestal Dolly (steerable)
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