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Canon HJ40x10 B IASD-V

Canon proudly offers our HD portable lens series; the HJ40x10B IASD-V it achieves superior optical performance and high specifications at the same time, featuring a superior built-in Image Stabilizer which adds a perfect stability to your video production. The HJ40x10B series is designed to meet the high demands of all field production applications. The lens will surely lead you to a higher standard of production.

General specifications

Lens mount 2/3 ''
Lens format HD
Image stabilizer yes
Lens supporter yes
Range extender yes
Focal length (without extender) MINIMUM 10,00 mm
Focal length (without extender) MAXIMUM 400,00 mm
Focal length with extender MINIMUM 20,00 mm
Focal length with extender MAXIMUM 800,00 mm
Macro yes


Width 35,60 cm
Depth 17,40 cm
Height 13,30 cm
Weight 5,50 kg
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