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Panasonic AW-RP120

The new camera control unit AW-RP120 comes with an IP-connection and allows flexible and easy system configuration for the control of up to 100 cameras and for operating several regulation panels simultaneously. A new joystick offers precise pan shots. With the new designed user interface, an easy scaling of the cameras is possible. Preset Memory and Tracing Memory with a new Batch-Recall-Function saves time and offers the operation by only one person. Furthermore, owing to Paint and other functions with regards to camera adjustments, the AW-RP120 fulfils a large range of requirements in the high-end-area. It is the ideal all-in-one controller for diverse applications such as events, conference rooms, public buildings, weddings and of course the traditional use in TV-productions. - IP control of up to 100 cameras from max. five AW-RP120 controller - Serial control of five P/T systems - RS 232 C port for external control - Preset position for 100 cameras which includes pan, tilt, zoom, focus, cover and white balance - Tracing memory function - Color correction (Paint) - Mixer connection via IP - Storage of camera adjustments per SD card

General specifications

Number of avaible presets / memorys 50


Remote interface RJ45 serial 422
RJ45 / LAN
Remotable devices Panasonic AW-HE60
Panasonic AW-HE120


Power consumption 6,00 W
External power supply type primary: IEC C13 [100-230V/AC 50/60Hz] / secundary: XLR 4-pin female [12V/DC, 1,6 A]


Width 34,20 cm
Depth 26,50 cm
Height 7,70 cm
Weight 3,00 kg
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