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Panasonic AW-360

Highlights 360 degrees coverage with 4 synchronized cameras for 2:1 image ratio 4K uncompressed 360 degrees video output (HDMI) Highly precise real-time active stitching Optimal for live applications with low latency Automatic white balance and exposure The 360-degree Live Camera generates 2:1 equirectangular format 360-degree video by stitching the output of four cameras. This 360-degree video can give you the feeling of being at a variety of scenes, such as live broadcasts of sports, concerts, and other stadium events. The 4K (3840×1920) high image quality provides the immersiveness as if you were there. There is also a high level of operability, with natural images matched to the environment being generated by automatically controlling the exposure and white balance of the output of four cameras without a PC. In addition, seamless video can be generated because the high-precision “Real-time active stitching function" continuously changes the stitching position by automatically detecting a subject at the seam. ? Easy installation and uninstallation at a shooting site makes operation even more flexible. Furthermore, the 360-degree Live Camera is designed for professional use, offering the high reliability with the features that suit their smallest needs such as prevention of unexpected cable removal.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of HDMI outputs 1


Remote interface RJ45 / LAN


Power consumption 43,40 W


     AW-360B10 (baseunit)
     AW-360C10 (camerahead)
     AG-C2003G 3m (camera head cable)
     4 pc. micro-HDMI-D to HDMI-A cable 3m
     1 pc. power supply 12V 7A XLR
     1 pc. LANG USB stick 4GB

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