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DVS Pronto4 - 2000 GB

The Pronto4 family of digital disk recorders combine state-of-the-art, reliable hardware with innovative software. Use the advanced Pronto disk recorder systems to realize demanding, professional broadcast, post production and presentation workflows. Are you looking for a system that enables real-time image processing and supports optimum image quality with uncompressed formats, from SD to 4K that can even handle 3D? The Pronto family of disk recorders offers both a powerful and cost-effective solution for these requirements, allowing you to benefit from a wide variety of features that extend beyond mere capturing and play-out.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of HDMI outputs 4
Number of SDI inputs 2
Number of SDI outputs 2
Audio input 25 pin connector (breakout)
BNC embedded
Audio output 25 pin connector (breakout)
BNC embedded
6,35 audio jack

General specifications

Record function yes
Storage media harddisk
inside device
Clip file formats WAV
MPEG-2 (.mpg)
MPEG-4 (.mp4)
image sequence
embedded audio
Quicktime (.mov)
Advanced Streaming Format (.wmv)
MPEG-1 (.mpg)
MXF (.mxf)
Codec AppleProRes 422
Avid DNxHD
Clip data import network (LAN)
USB interface
only live record via videoinput
storage with Windows compatible partition
Clip data export USB interface
only live playback via videooutput
network (LAN)
storage with Windows compatible partition
Link speed 1000 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
10000 Mbit/s
Frame synchronized playback yes
Loop playback performance yes
Clip processing (Cut & Edit) yes
Genlock possibility yes
Supported HDMI standards HDMI 1.3a
HDMI 1.3 *3D
Supported SDI standards SMPTE 292M / HD-SDI / 720p, 1080i
SMPTE 259M / SD-SDI / 480i, 576i
SMPTE 425M / 3G-LvB(DL)-SDI / 1080p(50/60)
SMPTE 344M / SD-SDI / 480p, 576p
Supported audio standards and features embedded audio
8 channel
Options Behringer AD/DA converter SRC2496


Operating interface seperate software
via external device
Remote interface d - sub serial 422
Remotable by device with Sony 9 pin protocol


Electrical connection Grounding type plug to IEC C13
Redundant power supply yes
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