• 1307 - IP Kamera
  • 1346 - IP-U Cam Tripod
  • 1410 - Image Processing

Sachtler Pedestal C III

Sachtler’s Pedestal C III is the ideal partner for flexible studio and OB operation. Features that ensure outstanding results at every shoot include extensive height range adjustment, silent dolly movement, fast setting up and dismantling, and ease of transport. Fluid heads can be mounted in a matter of seconds, and due to its excentric clamps, the pneumatic column is fast and easy to attach to the dolly. Correct air column pressure is easy to monitor using the built-in pressure gauge, and a manual pump is included as a standard feature.

General specifications

Supported weight of tripod/head 35,00 kg
Pneumatic yes
Dolly Sachtler Dolly XL
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