• 1307 - IP Kamera
  • 1349 - IP-U Cam Zubehör
  • 1410 - Image Processing

Hamlet MS9000 A

The MonitorScope MS9000 is a compact -low power- rasterizer for measurement and monitoring of video and audio in all areas of production and engineering. With a user friendly interface the MS9000 comes with a built in XVGA display. Applications include: EFP, OB vehicles, pre and post production, editing and graphics suites, tele-cine, colouring... With waveform, vector, multiple linear audio peak bar graphs and phase displays with program picture available for display as required the MS9000 fulfils operational and front line engineering requirements. Full screen, quad tiled displays, coloured traces and displays, Hands Free Timing (HFT), Line Select, selectable error alarms and counts including stuck bit detect (no activity on one data line) may be selected. There’s a headphone socket on the front so the decoded audio can be monitored. Input Module installed: 3G, HD, SD Video and Audio input module
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