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Canon DIGISUPER 60 XS field lens

The DIGISUPER Series by Canon is a must-have for any professional camera equipment. As one of Canon’s leading lens series for broadcast use, the DIGISUPER line has introduced numerous technological innovations while capturing memorable scenes with the best possible quality. This next-generation standard field lens with 60 times zoom and 9mm wide angle successfully offers both enhanced width and higher magnification as well as superior operability and tracking. Of course our rental package includes the CANON SUP-NS3S, a lens support that allows you to use portable field cameras with the large, box-style, studio/field lenses.

General specifications

Lens mount 2/3 ''
Lens format HD
Image stabilizer no
Lens supporter yes
Range extender yes
Focal length (without extender) MINIMUM 9,00 mm
Focal length (without extender) MAXIMUM 540,00 mm
Focal length with extender MINIMUM 18,00 mm
Focal length with extender MAXIMUM 1.080,00 mm


Width 25,10 cm
Depth 54,80 cm
Height 25,60 cm
Weight 19,90 kg


     Canon PFJ-701 (protection filter mounted)
     Canon servo kit (ZDJ-P01/ FDJ-P01 / 2 pc. clamps / 2 pc. SMJ-E02x)
     Canon SUP-NS3S (large lens supporter)
         with 4mm Allen key
     external power supply 12V 3,3A 4Pol XLR
     Hood Cap
     LANG tripod adapter plate VCT-14 compatible
     7/32" Allen key

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