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DTC Solo7 OBTX set

DTC's OBTX Transmitter has been specially designed for wireless transmission and offers outstanding quality. The integrated Domo COFDM and H.264 encoder technology enables stable transmission of high-definition images with low latency. The OBTX has an extremely low power consumption (~ 10W at maximum operational power) and features Domo Broadcast UMVL modulation for enhancing high-speed performance.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of SDI outputs 1

General specifications

Supported RF standards and interfaces 3310-3600 MHz
RF bandwidth 6 MHz
7 MHz
8 MHz
RF modulation 64 QAM
16 QAM
RF codec DVB-T
MPEG-4 H.264
Ultra Mobile Video Link (UMVL)
Supported SDI standards SMPTE 259M / SD-SDI / 480i, 576i
SMPTE 292M / HD-SDI / 720p, 1080i


Operating interface front panel
seperate software
Remote interface USB


     1 x DTC SOL7OBTX
     1 x Cheeseplate and v mount plate (mounted)
     3 x aerial 3,0GHz - 3,7GHz
     1 x 90° N adapter
     1 x adapter cable D Tap > XLR 4Pin f
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 6Pin > USB
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 5Pin > 2 x XLR 3Pin f
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 4Pin > 2 x banana jack
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 5Pin > 2 x XLR 3pin m
     2 x DCBGSB-310360 muonted
     1 x CAT cable 2m RJ45
     2 x BNC cable 20m
     1 x BNC cable 50cm
     1 x Manfrotto microphone Support arm
     1 x Manfrotto superclamp
     1 x Magic arm
     1 x Solo7HDRX mounted in studio rack
     1 x IDX VL-4S 4 Ch.simultaneus fast charger
     4 x IDX DUO-150 batteries
     2 x powercord
     1 x V Mount adapterplate for Sony / GrassValley
     1 x V Mount adapterplate for Panasonic
     1 x LANG USB stick 4GB

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