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DTC Solo7 OBTX Set-3G

DTC's OBTX Transmitter has been specially designed for wireless transmission and offers outstanding quality. The integrated Domo COFDM and H.264 encoder technology enables stable transmission of high-definition images with low latency. The OBTX has an extremely low power consumption (~ 10W at maximum operational power) and features Domo Broadcast UMVL modulation for enhancing high-speed performance.

Inputs and Outputs

Number of SDI outputs 2

General specifications

Genlock possibility yes
Supported RF standards and interfaces 3310-3600 MHz
RF bandwidth 8 MHz
6 MHz
7 MHz
RF modulation 16 QAM
64 QAM
RF codec MPEG-4 H.264
Ultra Mobile Video Link (UMVL)
Supported SDI standards SMPTE 259M / SD-SDI / 480i, 576i
SMPTE 425M / 3G-LvB(DL)-SDI / 1080p(50/60)
SMPTE 425M / 3G-LvA-SDI / 1080p(50/60)
SMPTE 292M / HD-SDI / 720p, 1080i


Operating interface front panel
seperate software
Remote interface USB


     1 x DTC SOL7OBTX
     1 x Cheeseplate and v mount plate (mounted)
     3 x aerial 3,0GHz - 3,7GHz
     1 x 90° N adapter
     1 x adapter cable D Tap > XLR 4Pin f
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 6Pin > USB
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 5Pin > 2 x XLR 3Pin f
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 4Pin > 2 x banana jack
     1 x adapter cable Lemo 5Pin > 2 x XLR 3pin m
     2 x DCBGSB-310360 muonted
     1 x CAT cable 2m RJ45
     2 x BNC cable 20m
     1 x BNC cable 50cm
     1 x Manfrotto microphone Support arm
     1 x Manfrotto superclamp
     1 x Magic arm
     1 x ProRXD-2RU mounted in studio rack
     1 x powersupply 12V / 6,67A with 4 pin XLR f
     1 x IDX VL-4S 4 Ch.simultaneus fast charger
     4 x IDX DUO-150 batteries
     2 x powercord
     1 x V Mount adapterplate for Sony / GrassValley
     1 x V Mount adapterplate for Panasonic
     1 x HDMI cable 1m

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