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GhosT-OLED (transparent OLED) 55‘‘ touch version with primeTOUCH

GhosT-OLED offers the possibility for image presentation as well as the transparency to see objects that are placed behind. Therewith media installations can be created involving real objects into the displayed image. This is particularly useful for eye-catching exhibits at fairs, in museums or for retail displays in sales areas. OLED-displays are self-illuminated and do not require backlight. The image reproduction quality, especially the excellent colour contrast, is the strength of this technology.

General specifications

Display technology Transparent OLED
Screen size 55,00 ''
Aspect ratio 16:9
Horizontal resolution 1920 Pixel
Vertical resolution 1080 Pixel
Active screen width 1.209,60 mm
Active screen height 680,40 mm
Panel Surface optical interference anti-reflective
Portrait mode yes
Built-in loud speaker no
Additional features transparent

Inputs and Outputs

Number of DisplayPort inputs 1
Number of DVI inputs 1
Number of analog inputs 1
Analog connector type HD15 - VGA
Supported DisplayPort standards DP 1.1
Supported DVI standards DVI-D


Remote interface RJ45 / LAN
3,5mm phone jack
Operating interface front panel
infrared remote control


Power consumption 200,00 W


Width 126,60 cm
Height 81,00 cm
Depth 36,49 cm
Weight 33,00 kg
Vertical frame width 27,00 mm
1% peak brightness 500 cd/m²
Operating system Android
Windows 7
Windows 10
Mac OS X
Windows 8
Programming interface TUIO
Windows native touch
Hardware interface to touch device USB
Touch technology Infrared diodes
Brightness Full White 150 cd/m²
Transparency 45 %

Touch Specifications

Simultaneous touch points 12
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