LANG BARANDAY AG /SwissTech Convention Center / Barco


Premiere of the Barco XDL-4K75 in Switzerland

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

"Big show", in French-speaking Switzerland!

LANG BARANDAY AG started the year 2019 with a Swiss premiere. It carried out a special kind of projector demo in cooperation with BARCO, the world market leader in the manufacture of large venue projectors and long-standing partner of LANG BARANDAY AG. For the first time in Switzerland, the 40 invited guests were able to admire the world's currently brightest projector with 75,000 lumen at the Swisstech Convention Center in Lausanne. In addition to brightness, the Barco XDL-4K75 also scores in terms of colour rendering. Thanks to the RGB laser light source and 3Chip DLP© technology, the projector meets the REC 2020 specification.

The SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, close to the EPFL "Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne", with its unique and technology-oriented event location offers excellent conditions for events of all kinds. Even in bright hall lighting, the visual impression of the Barco XDL-4K75 on the enormous 18 x 6.5 m screen was powerful and convincing.

Installing a single projector is always easier than installing multiple units, as there is no need to spend time adjusting the projectors. The XDL series offers an exceptional lens shift of up to 100%, so they can be installed anywhere. You can also easily adapt images to your projection surface in real time using internal warping processing. The visitors were thrilled.

Many thanks to the SwissTech Convention Center Lausanne, which provided the premises for this demonstration.