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GhosT-OLED Touch Kit, IR Overlay Frame for GhosT-OLED

The main component of the new S4AV GhosT-OLED product line is the brand new LG Transparent OLED 55EW5F-A display. Its innovative, transparent OLED technology offers not only vivid colours and a wide viewing angle, but also impressive transparency - dark image contents appear transparent and bright image contents opaque. This allows objects or even entire rooms behind the panel to be included in the content and set in scene. The GhosT OLED series was specially developed for the requirements and use in the professional AV market. The complementary Touch Kit of the GhosT-OLED series consists of a primeTOUCH overlay with 12 simultaneous touch points, which can be extended up to 50 touch points if required. The Touch Kit can be combined with both the Full Kit and the Half Kit, offering a wide range of applications for creative, interactive applications.
Screen size 55,00 ''
Aspect ratio 16:9
Portrait mode yes
Touch technology Infrared diodes
Simultaneous touch points 12
Programming interface Windows native touch
Mouse emulation
Operating system Windows 8
Mac OS X
Windows 10
Windows 7
Hardware interface to touch device USB