AV Innovation Days unite industry participants


AV sector meets for the first time since the shutdown

Lindlar -
For most participants of the AV Innovation Days it was the first trip after 13 weeks. Many had spent the last three months in their home office without any professional or social contacts. At the invitation of LANG AG, manufacturers, rental companies and system integrators came to Lindlar to learn about new products and innovations - instead of Las Vegas as originally planned. InfoComm, the central information medium of the AV industry, this year was held only virtually as a Connected Event. In order to get the necessary information and revive the own network, the AV Innovation Days were the right answer. Bright faces at AVID were the first proof that events and trade fairs can be made tangible again.

In addition to the technologies familiar to the industry, new solutions to ensure hygiene and safety in crowded areas played a major role. The products were largely integrated into the concept of the event. An interactive tracking system was used to count and guide visitors to visit the booths following one-way traffic. Special constructions for the integration of disinfectant dispensers on display tubes or virus control by copper tape on frequently used surfaces provided the necessary hand hygiene.

During the event, exhibitors Alpha Loop, Analog Way, AOTO, AV Stumpfl, Barco, Christie, Epson, EXACT solutions, FUJIFILM, INFiLED, LG, Lightware, NEC, Panasonic, ROE, Samsung, Sharp, VIOSO and Wilhelm & Willhalm presented new product highlights and developments.

The software developer Alpha Loop presented Lumux, a digital video conferencing solution as an interactive platform in which the live stream of an event can be embedded.
Launched at AVID, Analog Way's Midra™ 4K series is tailored for small and medium-sized live events or fixed installations and offers high reliability with low latency and advanced 4K live processing capabilities. The product portfolio consists of the QuickVu 4K, QuickMatrix 4K, Pulse 4K and Eikos 4K.
With the Mini LED CLD136 All-in-one solution, AOTO presented an excerpt from its product portfolio. The interactive product has a high contrast and a wide viewing angle due to the use of Black Technology.
AV Stumpfl presented various screen systems, such as the ALR (ambient light rejecting) prototype, which has high contrast values, or a fullwhite curved screen on which content was mapped with the Pixera software.
The introduced Barco PDS-4K allows switching between single and dual screens with high-quality 4K processing and features six 4K inputs and two 4K outputs for completely seamless mixing programs.
Christie's recently launched Griffyn 4K32-RGB all-in-one RGB projector delivers impressive image quality with 34,000 lumens brightness and a Rec. 2020 colour gamut in a compact single housing.
The projector was publicly presented at AVID for the first time.
Epson presented the new 4K projectors L12000Q and L30000 with a brightness of 12,000 respectively 30,000 lumen.
Hygiene solutions for public areas were presented by EXACT solutions. The Doorman functions, for example, as a digital access control by measuring body temperatures and checking whether passers-by are wearing mouth and nose covers. UVC air purifier products ensure the disinfection of passing air by integrating UVC tubes into housings.
FUJIFILM presented the Z5000 short distance projector. The projector's dual axis lens allows projection in all directions without changing the orientation of the device.
The modules of the new INFiLED HR series, available in 0.9 - 3.1mm, enable a comfortable construction of 2K, 4K or 8K walls with exact resolution due to the 16:9 format. The AR series, available from a pixel pitch of 2.9mm, impresses as successor of the ER series, with large housing sizes to ensure a fast setup. The fLED Screen 1.2mm powered by INFiLED Wallpaper Series combined with the EXACT solutions stand TITAN, which allows a flexible installation in landscape or portrait mode, completed the exhibited product portfolio.
LG presented the 8K 88" OLED Display Z9 as TV unit with HDR content as flagship in the OLED area. The transparent 55" OLED in Full HD was still a highlight on the booth. The 130" all-in-one LED wall with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm in Full HD will be replaced by the third generation of the product in Q3 this year.
The new Lightware TAURUS UCX platform offers full HDMI 2.0 compatibility when transmitting 4K60 4:4:4 signals and allows users to share content and control conference rooms easily and intuitively.
NEC presented meeting and conference room applications such as Direct View LED modules and the interactive InfinityBoard as a whiteboard solution.
The prototype PT-RQ35K from Panasonic as the new flagship in the 3-chip DLP area was presented publicly at AVID for the first time. The 30,000 lumen projector has a wide colour gamut and natural colours based on red and blue lasers and will be available with a resolution of WUXGA or 4K wobbling at the end of 2020. The new 7,500 lumens 1-chip DLP projector PT-RZ790 features a new colour system - first used in the PT-RCQ10 - with dynamic red-yellow adjustment for higher colour quality.
ROE presented a Ruby 4in1 LED wall with a pixel pitch of 2.3mm, which was fed with a 4K HDR content using the LED processing platform HELIOS.
Just in time for the virtual launch of The Wall for business, Samsung presented the new Micro LED Chip on Board product at the AV Innovation Days, which will be available in a pixel pitch of 1.2 and 1.6mm.
Sharp showed various displays as conference room solutions, such as a Windows Collaboration Display or the Big Pad as an interactive whiteboard and digital flipchart.
Using a dome projection with 12 mini-projectors, VIOSO demonstrated the camera-based auto-calibration software VIOSO Integrate, with which complex projection surfaces can be calibrated in a very short time, in order to facilitate the setup of the projectors.
Wilhelm & Willhalm presented various audio products from their own sales brands, such as the Bolero wireless intercom system from Riedel or sound reinforcement solutions from L-Acoustics.

Tobias Lang, CEO of LANG AG: "We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the visitors. We could not have expected such a large and intensive response. I would like to thank all our partners who were so spontaneously prepared to support the initiative with great commitment. The joy of experiencing personal contact again was felt everywhere. This encourages everyone at the right time!"

Detailed information on all exhibitors can be found in interviews on the LANG AG YouTube channel.