Solutions for public areas and retail.

One of the biggest challenges in the course of inital loosening after the lockdown is to make the stay in public areas, event locations, conference and meeting rooms, museums or retail shops safe. 
The use of the latest technologies helps to ensure security.


LAICOS CUSTOMER COUNT makes it possible to comfortably observe, regulate or evaluate the flow of visitors to a shop at any time.

How does LAICOS work?

The system consists of a mini-USB camera and a nano PC in a robust installation housing. The software is operated with a Linux operating system. By means of the mini-USB camera and a specially developed AI-based software, the system is able to detect people entering and leaving the premises. When a predefined maximum number of persons is reached, the next customer is automatically prompted to wait until another customer leaves the shop. This information is displayed visually using a professional monitor that is specially adapted to the environment. The autonomously running system is scalable in every respect and can therefore be adapted exactly to any requirements. 

EXACT solutions UVC Air Sanitizer

The V300E and V100E UVC air purifiers help to clean the air of viruses, bacteria and mould spores. Available in various sizes, they are suitable for use in large event venues as well as in meeting rooms and smaller locations, where they remove around 99% of (corona) viruses and bacteria.

How do the UVC circulating air sanitizers work?

UVC light has the ability to inactivate the DNA/RNA of a life form. This works very efficiently with simple life forms such as viruses and bacteria. A commonly used value to define the efficiency of UVC products is the LD90 dose, which is defined as the UVC dose that can kill 90% of the organism of a species. UVC light is harmful to human skin and eyes. Therefore, UVC air hygiene products emit UV light inside an encapsulated housing and thus emit almost no UVC light to the outside. The UVC Air Hygiene product range works by passing air through a housing equipped with UVC light tubes. The UVC tubes used and the operating principles are manufactured and designed by the German company UVpro and are a guarantee of reliability and efficiency. UVpro products set standards in the market, for example in the food industry and stand out from the widely used standard UVC light tubes.

Finding the ideal position for the devices is the key to maximum efficiency. It depends on the local conditions such as airflow, ventilation, heating and of course the size of the room. In addition, dynamic factors such as people and their behaviour have an impact. 

EXACT solutions DMN08 Doorman

The DMN08 measures the body temperature of passers-by, checks whether they are wearing a mask and thus acts as a digital doorman.

How does the doorman work?

Placed in the entrance area, the DMN08 protects the premises and thus all persons inside. The system detects if someone is wearing a mask and reliably and contactlessly measures the temperature of the person standing in front of the display. If the temperature is elevated, or if no mask is worn, a warning sounds and the display shows a corresponding message. A warning light can be switched on optionally. In combination with the optionally available disinfectant dispenser, people can disinfect their hands before entering the premises. Via an integrated relay the DMN08 system can be connected to e.g. a locking system. It is also possible to integrate several systems, which means that several entrances can be managed centrally. In addition to personal health protection, another area of application could be employee management. The DMN08 can recognise faces and thus, for example, grant employees entry and deny access to strangers. Coupled with the NFC recognition function, which is also integrated, a double inquiry could guarantee even more security.