Focus point media server at the LANG ACADEMY


Just in time for the ISE, LANG ACADEMY expands its training course. During the first term the focus will lie on the new PIXERA media servers by AV Stumpfl. The PIXERA software makes fast programming of shows, easy compositing as well as warping and projection mapping possible. Additionally it adds the possibility of pre-visualisation of projects. To ensure that every participant can get the best possible training, both basic and advanced, on this new software the LANG ACADEMY recently invested in special AV Stumpfl training kits – each composed of two projectors and multiple projection surfaces.

A further novelty in the curriculum is the Creative OLED display training during which the participants get to know technologies and application options of various LG OLEDs as well as the GhosT-OLED by SOLUTIONS4AV. On top of this the training facility offers a NEC seamless display technologies course which specifically targets the brand new NEC UN462A and UN552A series.

The courses at the Swiss location LANG BARANDAY are heading for their second term with 6 courses. The focus here is also on media servers. The current curriculum of both locations will also be presented at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt at LANG ACADEMY booth 4.0 B50.