LANG AG - Discover innovation, together


Only the participant can discover consciously. At LANG, you are close to the action. To integrate new employees into the company quickly, we make use of a “hands-on” approach. Whether you are learning to be a technician or an accountant – you will at some point come into physical contact with state-of-the-art technology.


For our customers, we always have the latest AV technologies and devices in high quantity and quality available. Every product division is supervised by experts who, through the continuous dialogue with the manufacturers, always are up to date and are always happy to share their knowledge.


Strength in numbers. For continuous learning, we answer questions and find solutions – together. Only that way can we acquire the strength to act efficient, successful and to share know-how. We are proud of our familiar atmosphere that we are trying to sustain – no matter how big we grow. Because there is no I in team.